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FRIDAY NeWs - new betting system and art

Enlightened Diggers,

first of all sorry for this little delay on our weekly appointment to discuss the latest developments for our platform. As you may  know if you follow our official Telegram Community chat, yesterday some sweaty hackers got their hands on a exploit through a vulnerability in a very common plugin called File manager and our web was redirecting to spammy websites selling Viagra and Russian Milfs among other stuff…

The issue was quickly fixed by Ángel and it took quite a lot of work because those nasty crackers really know how to code trash that replicates faster than Covid 19 and more than 2000 files were infected. Luckily for us Diggers we have the best developing team in the whole TRON Blockchain, period.

Note: Not all the plugins are working properly at this moment, we are still cleaning the mess these little rascals did so if you see any bug or anything is out of place please report it to us ASAP. 

New Betting System

This week was truly a busy one. We have been working for quite some time in a new betting system for our platform. We want to give the Diggers the ability to chose the amount of DIG Token they want to play at all times. As you can see in the screenshot below this new betting system will be completely integrated in the interface and you’ll be able to change your bet at all times.

Friday news - New betting System

This new system will be really useful combined with our AutoBetting Bot and those two features combined will improve drastically playability and will make things easier for our most dedicated Diggers.

Art Department is on fire

As we said in the previous Friday News the Art department is working really hard to make Dig for It! a unique experience and these weeks they are focusing to reinforce our branding. This week we will show a new logo for our very first instalment: Lucky Dig.

Lucky Dig - Logo

In the next weeks we will be revealing new artwork for the platform as they are currently working on it, for example the logo for Crypt Raider and the New DIV Token. Stay tuned!

Speaking of the new DIV Token we have really valuable members of the community helping us with the numbers and adjusting the parameters, so you must know we are not only listening to you but discussing every detail of the token with actual diggers, and they are pushing us to develop it to be the very best Dividend Token out there.

Platform Improvements

We want to help new players when they land on our page, so this week we created two new sections:

  • How to use Dig for it!: this page contains the basics about the platform and general knowledge every new Digger has to know. it is designed as a step by step tutorial.
  • How to play: Lucky Dig: gameplay tips and useful information about this game.

By adding these two new pages we want to guide newcomers and to simplify things for them, so please keep this in mind whenever you bring your friends to the platform through our Referral Program.

An so far this is it for this week fellow Diggers, we have more surprises coming the next week so don’t miss our weekly chat!

Happy Weekend!

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