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FRIDAY news - new div token icon

Freedom Diggers,

This week we had to keep cleaning malicious code those sweaty nerds left behind in our platform. So far we are pretty confident everything in our platform is malware free but as usual Diggers: if you see anything out of place please contact us asap.

Once again thank you very much for your patiente and your help in dealing with this issue.

Div Token Icon

We know this is the hot topic and you keep asking for new details each week. The core of it is already drafted and we are making substantial progress. We are still discussing the definitive name after a last minute issue with originality but we voted for the final versión of the Div Token Icon.

New Div Token - 512x512

The art department got really inspired for this project and we are really satisfied with the final result. Please give us your thoughts in the comments below or in our Telegram Community Group.

New Game – Crypt Raider

This week we discussed an old issue with the graphic feedback for the player. We got to a solution before for this specific feedback but this week we realised it wasn’t perfect so we had to backtrack a little bit to polish this gameplay feature.

Progress is slow but steady and this week we focused on minor details because last two weeks were really tasking with the hacking problem and we needed a little bit of fresh air in our faces as you may understand.

And so far this is it for this week Diggers, hope you have a nice weekend and see you next week!

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