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FRIDAY news no news is good news

October Diggers,

as you know the developing team is on a well deserved rest this week so there are no big changes in the platform. They will come back from this stop and go sometime at the end of the next week with full force.

Blog Content

As you have seen this month we lacked new blog posts, we thought our approach was perhaps way too much focused on crypto activism and we are trying to switch to a more technical approach. This change in the content strategy is a little bit tougher than we thought but we have already a couple of articles half cooked for you guys so this month we will be back on track with this.

We may focus on current happenings and fresh news related to the crypto community in the next months. Anyway if you would like us to publish about any specific topic please don’t hesitate to contact us because your suggestions will be much appreciated.

We know this Friday News are not packed with news about our ongoing projects but please be patient. Development team needed this well deserved rest and your pariente will be well compensated. And that’s a promise.

This is it for this week, hope you guys have a nice weekend and see you next Friday as usual!

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