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FAQ - Frequently asked questions - Dig For ItEverything you need to know about Dig for IT! is here, if you need additional info about any topic please check the support section and contact us.

FAQ Dig for it! – Frequently Asked Questions

Find a useful and short guide on How to use Dig for it! and all the basic features of the platform by clicking here.

If you want to learn how to play our game Lucky Dig click here to visit our tutorial on the game basics.

dig tokenDIG is the client sided internal game token created to make on-chain transactions more efficient and optimize the gameplay for players, by reducing the amount of transactions their TRON wallet will be performing.

DIG tokens need to be purchased before a user is able to play any of the games within the “DIG for IT!” platform, with ONE (1) DIG being equivalent to ONE (1) TRX.

These tokens can also be won by players when playing games within the platform, these earned tokens are directly credited to the players account.

All DIG tokens can be bought and sold via the in-game store. There is a one percent (1%) fee attached to all sell orders of DIG.

DIG tokens CANNOT be sent out of the platform and are not active on the TRON blockchain.

auction - FAQ - Dig for itDig for it! Lets you participate in our Auction system. The Digger that has the highest sum of all the SCC bids each round wins the auction.

Each new bid placed adds to your total bid for that round. Every new auction will end when the timer goes to zero.

With the timer switch you can see the result of the previous round.

tournament - FAQ - Dig for itEvery 24 hours the top diggers will get an additional bonus in DIG Token according to the total wagered amount. Distribution will be every 24 hours automatically to your wallet.

The score is calculated with the sum of the points obtained for playing with the same level up formula.

The DIG winning pool is 1% of the total bets placed on the platform.

Level system - dig for itThe platform has multiple levels you can reach based on your plays. We have BRONZE, SILVER GOLD, EMERALD, SAPPHIRE and RUBY.

The amount of points gained is determined by the amount played. When you reach a certain total your level will increase. As long as you keep playing you will hold those points.

Points decrease

Every 24 hours your total points will decrease by the amount detailed in this table. You need to keep playing to maintain your level.

SCC Mining

On the platform you can obtain SCC through a mining system. When you place a bet on the platform you get a certain amount of SCC based on your level.

Bring your friends to Dig forIT! and participate in the best Referral Program of any TRON gaming platform.

We give back 1% of all bets your referral makes in our platform.

Click on your profile section to see your referral link or go to our Referral Page for more information.

Our platform has some uniqueness, we can bring new bonus tokens that you can win with the same bets as an extra reward.

Some bonus tokens we have in the platform: TWX, USDT…

Follow us on social media to keep track of our promotions and special Token events.

Tron Casinos are usually filled with plain and boring 2D games. We want to change that trend and our goal is to balance rewards, the best graphics and provide real entertainment.

To deliver excellence to our community we needed a powerful engine. Unity3D brings us the power of a stable platform while delivering the best quality possible.

DIG FOR IT implements a provably fair system that allows players to check the integrity of every bet and confirm they have not been manipulated. Random bet results are generated by the use of a server seed, client seed and a nonce.

The server seed is hashed and shown before the game begins. This ensures that the bet result cannot be modified during the game. Two seeds and the nonce are used to determine a random bet result.

  • Server seed: This seed is unique and generated randomly by the server. You can change it once every 24 hours.
  • Client seed: This seed is chosen by the client (yourself) and can always be modified.
  • Nonce: Incremental number to ensure randomness of the client/server seed.

Gambling is addictive and can become problematic. It should only be practiced with money you can afford to lose.

If you feel your gambling goes out of control or it is having a negative impact on your life, you should stop gambling and immediately seek help at various institutions that provide free support to people who have a gambling problem.

If you have any issue or need any help about the platform, please contact [email protected]