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The BEST Referral Program in the whole TRON blockchain

We give our affiliates waaay more than anybody, for each new friend you bring to our platform we will reward you with 1% of every bet he makes. This is a lifetime benefit you’ll get for every friend you bring to our community. 

Keep in mind that the standard for other platforms is to give you back only 0,2% of the profits your friends generate by playing. In our opinion that’s way too low and borderline insulting, so we wanted to run the extra mile and reward you each single time your referral makes a bet in DIGforIT!

You will get exactly 1% of each bet made by your colleagues. 

The amount awarded to your account through this Referral Program will be instantly deposited in you account, you don’t need to wait or to get to a certain amount, it’s really that simple: your referral places a bet and you get your commission in seconds. The more friends you bring to our platform the higher your rewards with no limitations.

We want to grow our community of DIGGERS and our way to show gratitude to you is through real value. We give back more than anybody, that’s our philosophy and we are so proud of it. 

Steps to get your Referral Link

1- Go to play.digforit.win or just launch the game


2- Login with a valid TRON account

Login - referral - EN - 550

3- Click on your profile and copy your referral input or share your QR code


profile - referral - EN - 550