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How to play Lucky Dig

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Once you are familiar with How to Use Dig for it! you can play our games. In this tutorial we will teach the basics for Lucky Dig.

1 -Select Lucky Dig in the game selection screen:


how to play Lucky dig - game selection


2- Select the Mode you want to play:

The mode determines the tiles cost for each board, the three modes are:

  • Soft: in this option digging the tiles is cheap and you play for low prizes.
  • Basic: the price for digging each tile is higher and you play for better prizes.
  • Super: in this mode you play for the big prizes and the cost for digging each tile is higher as well.

how to play Lucky dig - mode selection

3 -Pick the Board you want to play:

  • Gameboard with 9 tiles (cost 10 DIG / tile)
  • Gameboard with 25 tiles (cost 25 DIG / tile)
  • Gameboard with 100 tiles (cost 50 DIG / tile)

Select the board you want to DIG and hit the PLAY button. There is a DEMO option available as well.

how to play Lucky dig - board selection


In the board screen you can select which tool you will use to dig the tiles. Each tool has a different action:

how to play Lucky dig - tools

  • Hammer DIG 1 tile
  • Timebomb DIG 5 tiles
  • Lightning DIG 9 random tiles
  • Bomb DIG 13 tiles
  • Armageddon DIG 50% of the tiles

how to play Lucky dig - tools 2

  • Autobetting Bot
  • Close game board

With every DIG action you perform on the board, you get the chance for digging up extra tokens like TRX, SCC or DIG.

You also mine SCC with every dig as well, the higher level you are the more SCC you mine.

The gems you DIG up from the board are saved in the chests at the top of the screen. Whenever you fill a chest completely you get the prize for that specific chest when the map is completely dug or if you decide to close it.

how to play Lucky dig - gems chests


If you want to know more or learn about gameplay meta and tips join our community Telegram chat.

We strongly suggest you to read our FAQ page with more info about other profitable game features like the auctions and the tournaments.

Good Diggin’!

Lucky Dig Prizes table

3X3 Map5X5 Map10X10 MapPercent Chance
Empty/BonusEmpty/5x BonusEmpty/10x Bonus30%
1 DIG2.5 DIG5 DIG30%
2 DIG5 DIG10 DIG20%
3 DIG7.5 DIG15 DIG7.5%
10 DIG25 DIG50 DIG5%
20 DIG50 DIG100 DIG4%
30 DIG75 DIG150 DIG2%
100 TRX250 TRX500 TRX0.6%
200 TRX500 TRX1000 TRX0.4%
300 TRX750 TRX1500 TRX0.2%
1000 TRX2500 TRX5000 TRX0.09%
2000 TRX5000 TRX10000 TRX0.07%
3000 TRX7500 TRX15000 TRX0.04%
5 SCC12.5 SCC25 SCC0.045%
10 SCC25 SCC50 SCC0.035%
20 SCC50 SCC100 SCC0.02%

Gems Table Appearance Frequency

 3 x 3 Map5 x 5 Map10 x 10 Map
Gem A20 %20 %20 %
Gem B20 %20 %
Gem C20 %20 %
Gem D20 %
Gem E20 %