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cryptocurrency gambling TRX game - Dig for It!Dig for It is a decentralized TRX gaming project based on the Tron Blockchain. We keep working with the same energy as the first day to provide our community the very best user experience. 

Our goal is to balance the rush of gambling with a solid gaming foundation based on beautifully crafted 3D games. We are not only game designers and developers but blockchain tech enthusiasts and we strongly believe decentralized DAPPs like digforit.com are here to stay; the future is now. 

We’ve been around for quite some time, since the early days of Bitcoin, and when we got to learn about the TRON blockchain and its smart contracts we fell in love instantly. We got in early and we never looked back. 

Attending Nitron 2019 and meeting Justin Sun himself was such an inspiration for us and we learnt so many valuable lessons in that trip. And we keep learning because we aim for excellence and in this industry everything is organic and it’s always changing for the better. 

Dig for it and TRON gaming partnership

When we got partnered with TRON network we knew we needed to push the project to the next level and we got new additions to the team to solidify our position in the market and keep growing our brand. 

It was our mutual passion that brought us together to form the solid team we are today and be able to offer to our community of DIGGERS a platform based on the principles of the “Provably Fair” system and of course full transparency. 

We give to our players more than anybody in the Tron gaming industry:

  • SCC Buy-Back and Burn: players earn SCC tokens as they use the platform, periodically we rebuy those tokens and burn them to raise the value of this token and avoid oversupply. 
  • Proof of Play (PoP): it’s the system we use to award SCC tokens to the playerbase, who can basically stake this token by just using dig for it.
  • Wealth Redistribution: we designed many ways for the player to earn rewards like level systems, gems, tokens, jackpot campaigns… 

If you need to contact us you can reach us at [email protected] .Feel free to send any inquiries or suggestions you may have.

Thank you for joining this community! Become a Digger and get those juicy jackpots NOW!