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FRIDAY news - hacker wars

Decentralized Diggers,

as you already know this week we have been fighting those greasy hackers. It’s a very tedious and time consuming task but we are commited to kick their asses out of our website. We have cleansed many code and our database is 100% secured as we follow exhaustive security protocols and backup schedule, but there seems to be annoying exploits in some plugins that allows the attack to pointlessly replicate.

We are on top of it and we know this nasty f%4*ers will get bored and go away but this issue is taking away some valuable working time we could dedicate to more productive tasks.

Anyway, we don’t stop working and as we told you last week Art department is on fire, this week they finished the logo design for our new game: Crypt Raider.

Crypt Raider - Logo 02

Div Token

As you may understand this week we were unable to dedicate much time to the actual development of our dividend token, the next week we will define some definitive details and we will be able to release more info about it. At this time I’m aware that the hard working Art department has a prototype and we may have a definitive name for it.

Can’t say much more because we need to sit down and approve the last revision. Next week we will hit you with more news and that’s a promise.

About Dig for It!

Hacking maggots aside, this week we started the research to implement a new stats tracking method to improve our inbound traffic to the platform, that meaning we will be able to analyse really valuable data from the behavior of our users.

It’s a little bit technical and we don’t want to bore you with the details but in the long run it’s going to help us a lot.

So far this is it for this week, we want to thank you Diggers for your support as always, it really pushes us each week, specially in tough weeks like this.

If you have any issue with the platform please contact us, our Telegram Community Group is the best way to report anything.

Happy weekend Diggers!


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