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FRIDAY news - div token

Summer Diggers,

yep it’s Friday again and today we have a very special Friday News for you loaded with fixes, changes and the latests developments in our platform aimed towards growing our community.

Tokenomics: New DIV Token

You have been asking for it and we know the Tokenomics topic is probably your main area of interest right now. Today we want to officially announce that our own Dividend Token is in development and guys, it is going to be HUGE. We want it to be the very best DIV Token out there and to ensure that we are thinking about every little detail and discussing every possibility.

One thing is for sure, this DIV Token will define DIG for It! in the near future and our main concerns while designing it are profitability, fairness and originality. That said you can be sure our token will not be your typical “freeze X amount to be eligible” or something along those lines.

Right now we are discussing (and by discussing I mean shirtless fist fights in the middle of DFI headquarters) the basics of the token, we will keep you updated on its core features and as you know we will request feedback from you Diggers, because that’s what makes us the very best TRON community out there.

FRIDAY news - crypto dividend token

New Game Status

After many late night talks and arguments we came to the conclusion that we must release the new div token at the same time our new game comes out. Launching the game without an up to date Tokenomics will delude our efforts to grow DIG for IT! and somehow we feel our loyal player base will be in a certain disadvantage.

That’s why we will focus on finishing the new DIV Token and even if the new game development status is at 70% we need all our assets focused on the Tokenomics department. And this means we have to delay the official release date a bit further.

We know you’ve been waiting for this new game and we have been teasing you with it all along but you must understand this new route is necessary and it is indeed a tough decision for us. But believe us when we say that we will make this delay and your wait worthwhile.

This week on Dig for It!

And as per usual we kept improving our platform and listening to your feedback. Some of you pointed out in our Telegram group that having TRX as base rewards in the board would be an interesting fix and we obliged, this is now successfully implemented.

  • We also did some changes in the game UI, basically a little reorder to improve user experience and better playability.
  • Dedicated Diggers pointed us some minor bugs that were quickly fixed this week as well.

And that’s it for this week, please leave your thoughts in the comments below or join our Telegram group for further discussion.

Have a nice weekend! See you next week!

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