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How to play! PLAY NOW! New Crypto Battle Game

The only TRX game where you can win up to 1.000.000 TRON cryptos with one click!

DigforIt is the best TRX game in TRON blockchain

Welcome to the best TRON blockchain gaming platform! If you want to win trx and cryptos with ease and at the same time have a unique gaming experience you are in the right place. Let’s start digging!

We offer the largest pool prize with an outstanding prize of 1.000.000 TRX in a single DIG. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers and start playing this free tron game NOW!

Our carefully crafted 3d games and DAPPS are built using Unity3d to maximize playability and at the same time you can earn TRON tokens and SCC.

3D Games

Beautifully crafted user experience you won’t experience in any other Tron casino

Tron blockchain game

Award winning free trx game where you can earn SCC Tokens and cryptos

Win Tournaments!

Be one of the top 10 in our daily tournaments and win DIG

Why we are a different TRON Casino and Blockchain Gaming site

DIG for IT is a TRON blockchain game platform where you can play and earn TRX, DFI is also available as a tron game for Android and you can download it directly from the Official Samsung Store

 TRON casinos have traditionally contained basic games that are commonplace everywhere and are expensive to play as each bid is a transaction on the network. 

Our unique gaming platform is a must-see experience for those who are in the cryptocurrency space or interested in cryptocurrency, as it showcases brand new and original games, while reducing transaction costs for players.

Features that makes us the fastest growing TRX game

 While gaining TRX in the platform, players will be able to enjoy:

  • win tokens with our Auction or Leaderboard
  • premium visuals
  • enticing gameplay
  • unique reward mechanisms
  • rewarding leveling system
  • the best affiliate program of any TRON game
  • friendly and active community (don’t miss our telegram group)

Quality is priority #1 with DIG for IT! Come see for yourself and become an active Digger right now!

 Experience the ‘next level’ blockchain games yourself! We are happy to welcome you into our community and we hope you get the best experience ever in a TRX game with us!

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