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DIG for IT! is one of the best TRON DAPPS and we strive to make every effort to advance our decentralized TRX game and gain adoption from those who are not yet exposed to the cryptocurrency space. We know that the TRON foundation shares that sentiment and wants more people to earn TRON playing games.

Earlier this year, TRON foundation announced a partnership with Samsung to make it easier for any tron blockchain game to get more recognition from those who have a Samsung android phone. After much discussion, many head scratching nights for our lead developer Ángel and a few meetings with the TRON foundation, we have been one of the FIRST dapps released under the TRON family banner on the Samsung Galaxy Store!

DIG for IT! now on the Samsung Store

Even though the app is designed to be used on a phone that can use the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, it is discoverable by compatible phones not in supported regions. These players outside compatible regions will only be able to play the demo version or play by inputting their private keys directly into the app.

The best TRON DAPPs now on the Samsung Store

The biggest advantage to this arrangement is exposure to a new set of eyes, fresh players who may not know about us, who may not know about how to get TRX. We get to be the on-ramp for the next wave of cryptocurrency adopters, where they can buy TRX directly through our app and then earn tron tokens that we have set within the game as bonus tokens. This also gives other projects on TRON exposure to these new players.

You can find the link to our app on the Galaxy Store here:


The list of blockchain keystore compatible phones and countries can be found here:


We are making large strides towards being one of the most available, accessible and rewarding games on the TRON blockchain, and we have no doubt this is another big step in the right direction.

Happy Digging!

Co-Founder of DIG for IT!

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