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DIG for IT! was developed to be an advanced gaming platform, utilizing its own token and being able to economically perform fast transactions. There are many blockchains out there, why have we chosen the TRON blockchain?

Here we outline some of the benefits of using TRON.

Advantages of TRON blockchain


    TRON currently boasts a transfer per second (TPS) speed of 2,000 TPS which is much higher than ETH or BTC, making it an efficient blockchain for handling a high volume of transactions in an acceptable time frame.
TRON blockchain

    TRONs transactions fees are negligible per transaction, provided the wallet has frozen enough TRX tokens to give the wallet enough “bandwidth”. This allows DIG for IT! to freeze some of its funds (without consuming these funds) in order to perform enough free transactions to keep the platforms expenses low. These low expenses allow us to provide high and fair rewards to players. Our transaction costs are further reduced by utilising our unique DIG token which is client side and transacts seamlessly

    TRON allows blockchain users to easily and cheaply issue TRC-10 and TRC-20 tokens on the blockchain for a nominal cost. Our token “SCC” is a 6 decimal TRC-10 token that allows holders the ability to sell or trade a little of the SCC token as possible, as well as win as little or as much SCC as possible in-game.

    The community on TRON is unlike any seen in the cryptocurrency space. TRX holders are supportive of all other holders and support many projects being built on the network. The loyalty, kindness and willingness to support each other makes it a perfect environment to build a platform. All new users can be sure that they will be helped by anyone they encounter.

There are many other benefits of the TRON blockchain which we haven’t listed. DIG for IT! is a quick, cost effective, beautifully designed game unlike any on other chains.

List your favourite things about DIG for IT! (and TRON) below!

Nathan C
DIG for IT! Co-Founder

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