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best TRON wallet 2020

If you have considered buying TRX or already have some in your possession, you will need a secure place to store them. Continue reading this article to learn more about the best Tron wallet to stock this crypto currency and discover the one which best suits your needs.

TRON blockchain is undoubtedly one of the projects that in recent times has managed to attract the most attention from crypto coin enthusiasts. It is a recent project, born in September 2017, which in a short time managed to raise more than 70 million dollars through investments in the ICO.

What is a TRON Wallet and how does it work?

A wallet is a fundamental tool for storing your cryptos. Each wallet has its own unique address, which can be compared to the IBAN address of the banks. It is used, in addition to saving your crypto currencies, to send and receive transactions.

It works very simply: You access the wallet and decide whether to send or receive cryptomoney. If you want to receive, you must be owner of a reception address that represents the public key of your wallet. There is a private key, which must never be revealed and is strictly personal.

If you want to make a payment, you have to know the public key of the recipient. Generally, when a transaction is made, a fee is paid and you will have to wait to receive confirmation of payment. Every transaction made is irreversible once it is completed.

Types of wallets for Tron

There are different types of wallets to store TRX. To select the safest and most suitable for your personal needs, you have to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each one. The types of wallets that exist are the following.

Hardware Wallets aka Cold Wallets

TRON hardware wallets are good options for storing your TRXs as they usually offer great security. One of their strengths that contribute to high security is that they are almost always disconnected from the Internet.

Sometimes we have to connect them to the Internet to transfer funds. This action only takes a few minutes or seconds. During the time they are offline, they provide unbeatable security and are among the safest wallets in existence.

differences between hot TRON wallets and cold wallets

There are many types of hardware wallets, so you will have to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Some TRON hardware wallets are these:

  • Ledger Nano X
  • Ledger Nano S
  • KeepKey

Software Wallets

TRON software wallets are simply applications or programs that can store TRX on your mobile device or PC. The biggest advantage of this type of wallet is its great accessibility.

Although they offer more security than wallets offered by exchanges, they do not offer as high security as hardware wallets. It is recommended to have only a small part of your TRX in this type of wallet to make transactions.

Online Wallets

TRON online wallets are usually provided by exchange platforms for crypto currencies. These exchanges provide them so those users who buy TRX can store their tokens.

This type of wallet is only recommended for short-term storage, as they are highly exposed to piracy. You should never store your TRX in this type of wallet for extended periods time.

Tips to store TRX safely

Here are some tips on how to store and secure your TRX tokens as safely as possible:

  • Use all the security features: Each wallet offers different or similar features to secure your tokens as much as possible. Creating a secure pin or setting up two-factor authentication are two important features in most wallets.
  • Backup: Check all the recovery options your TRON wallet offers so you can recover your tokens if something goes wrong. Making sure your backup is always up to date is good advice.
  • Investigate: If you have found a  tron wallet different from the ones mentioned above to save your TRX, investigate first. There are many scams on the internet and if you don’t want to be unpleasantly surprised it is better to prevent and investigate that wallet.
  • Offline Wallets: If you have a lot of crypto currencies, we advise you to transfer most of them to a hardware wallet. Offline storage methods are the most secure.

The best wallets to store TRON in 2020

To keep your TRXs you will need a reliable and secure TRON wallet. Before deciding on a particular wallet, you need to make sure you employ good security practices that will help keep your TRXs safe.

These are the most recommended TRON wallets.

Ledger Nano S

When it comes to security, hardware wallets are by far the best. Ledger Nano S is considered one of the best TRON wallets out there. It has a small size, connects comfortably to the USB port of the pc and is easy to carry. Thanks to this TRON wallet you can safely and easily store your private key without being connected to the internet.

best TRON wallet 2020 - ledger nano S

  • Wallet type: Hardware
  • Safety: Very safe
  • Difficulty of use: Simple

LedGer Nano S provides a number of powerful security features such as backup recovery phrases, integrated display and lockable chips. It is worth noting that this wallet is capable of holding over 700 types of digital assets. This TRON wallet offers excellent security for your TRX and many other crypto currencies as well.

The Ledger Nano S is a hardware based wallet and aesthetically it is very similar to a USB storage unit. It is an excellent device for storing digital assets thanks to robust security features, providing great security when making digital payments.

Main features of the Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S has special features that put it ahead of the competition. Its main characteristics are the following:

  • Excellent security: Due to its great options and security elements that it incorporates, along with being a device that is disconnected from the internet most of the time, Ledger Nano S manages to offer a very high security to prevent your digital assets from being compromised.
  • Backup system: It has a system to back up everything you have inside the device.
  • Display screen: The Ledger Nano S has a built-in display screen to confirm and verify all transactions.
  • It supports multiple applications: It supports a large number of complementary applications, as well as other cryptographic tools such as GPG, U2F and SSH.
  • Multi-currency support: Ledger Nano S supports a large number of different crypto currencies, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tron and Litecoin among others.

Nano S display, one of its best features

Although the Nano S’s screen may seem small compared to other devices we are used to nowadays, its function is really essential and important within the features offered by this fantastic hardware wallet. This built-in display plays a key role in having to recover all the data in case the device is damaged.

In some hardware wallets we have to use the screens of our mobile devices to perform the operations, and that makes us expose our private keys to the internet, with all the consequences that this entails.

Thanks to its built-in screen, the Nano S incorporates an extra layer of security when making payments, since you can easily validate the correct address and amount of the transaction.

Security, the backbone of the Nano S

As we have mentioned before, security is the strong point of this device. It is protected by a four-digit pin code that has to be entered every time we connect it to our PC. In addition, it incorporates a double chip architecture with a CC EAL5+ certification to ensure a very high level of security.

The Ledger Nano S has two buttons that are added to the internal security of the wallet itself. In order to confirm a transaction, we have to press both buttons simultaneously, and this guarantees that no one will be able to enter the wallet and make fraudulent payments.

Ledger Nano X

Best crypto wallets -ledger nano xThe big brother of the versatile Ledger Nano S, its has the same capabilities but its ST33 chip makes it even more secure.

  • Wallet type: Hardware
  • Security: Very safe
  • Difficulty of use: Simple

Main features of Ledger Nano X

When we talk about Ledger Nano X as a product to store our digital currencies, we are talking about one of the most secure and robust devices that exist today in the market. Its main characteristics are the following:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: the app Ledger Live allows for an end-to-end bluetooth connection with your smart phone or tablet.
  • More storage: more capacity than Nano S model.
  • Built-in screen: 128×64, bigger than Nano S.
  • 100 mAh battery: since it can be used wireless the battery  is necessary, be advised that it needs to be charged to connect with your devices, you can use it via USB as well. This battery can last for 8 eight hours of continuous use or 3 months if the device is fully charged and inactive.

If you are going to use you smart phone to send and receive cryptos look no further, this is your device. It’s among the safest TRON wallets out there and you will love its bluetooth secure connection.

Most people gets both Ledger wallets, Nano S for long time storage/hodl and Nano X for quick transfers, day trading… You can get both in the family pack with a really good discount in the official site.


TronWallet is focused on users all over the world and is one of the official TRX wallets belonging to the decentralized TRON platform. This wallet has a very focused on entertainment content, so you can not only exchange TRX tokens, but also play and compete on many games online.

TronWallet has three official wallets:

  • TRON Wallet iOS
  • TRON Wallet Android
  • TronWallet

TRON Wallet Mobile - TRON android walletThe first two are platforms created initially with the Asian public in mind, since the main language of the app is Chinese, even though they already have English. On the other hand, TronWallet has a large number of languages, so it is clearly oriented to a global audience.

Tron Foundation representatives strongly advise to only use websites and applications published on official sites to keep our tokens secure. Absolutely all existing versions of this wallet are available on the community site.

TronWallet Features

TronWallet was created mainly to send and receive TRX tokens, using the entertainment platform created by Tron. Fast transactions made on the platform will allow players to be in game while receiving and sending tokens. The interface design is nice and simple, and currently has a large number of languages available.

The outstanding features of Tron Wallet are as follows:

  • Decentralized p2p wallet: No registration or login required.
  • Notifications: You can receive instant notifications at the time any TRX transaction is processed.
  • TronWallet Api: Game developers have at their disposal the api to easily integrate the use of TRON in their games.
  • PIN Number + Local Secret Encryption: The file containing the database inside the disk is encrypted using SHA2 + AES-256 and a 64 byte encryption password is provided which is fed through a domain database.
  • Privacy and open source: The passwords are private and only yours so that no one can access them. Nobody saves your passwords, this you can check in the code being an open source application.
  • Interface design: The design has been worked to offer simplicity and ease, so the experience with the application will be pleasant and intuitive.
  • It has no fees: Receiving and sending TRX is totally free, TronWallet has no fees on your transactions.

Tronlink’s security level can be qualified as good, since the whole project is open source and supported by the Tron Foundation itself.

It has a backup function, and thanks to the recovery phrase you will be able to recover your addresses in case of loss.

Tron Android Wallet

This TRON wallet is a great option for many users thanks to its excellent versatility. It has a very practical interface and allows to protect and store the TRX tokens.

tron android wallet - best crypto wallets 2020It has a 24 word recovery system that offers an extra level of security that is used to restore your cryptos. For Android users who need a TRON wallet on their mobile phone, it is one of the most recommended options.

An important feature of Tron Android Wallet is that it acts as a block browser. With this users can see the latest transactions and blocks.

Tron Wallet is an application for mobile devices in which you can store your Tron/TRX coins. It is the official Tron wallet for all users who have a mobile device with the Android operating system.

This mobile application is created only and specifically to store TRX coins, so you should not send other types of coins to this Wallet.

Important aspects of Tron Android Wallet

Being an application for mobile devices connected to the internet, it is possible that distrust may arise when storing your currencies in this type of application. But you should know that it incorporates security systems to guarantee your tokens. Its most outstanding features are the following:

  • High security: The Tron Android Wallet is an application that has full encryption through a password. In addition, the recovery seed based on 24 random words provides an excellent extra layer of security and is used to recover the password in case it is lost or forgotten.
  • Great popularity: Due to its great popularity among Android users, developers continue to improve the application and constantly offer support to solve any kind of doubt about its use.
  • QR code: With this application you can receive and send TRX tokens using QR codes.
  • Block explorer: Tron Android Wallet has the block explorer option, thanks to which users will be able to see the last transactions and blocks. Connected nodes, token distributions and representative candidates can also be viewed.


As we have mentioned, Tron Android Wallet has an excellent security system. Password encryption and the implementation of a seed composed of 24 words makes this application very secure.

To be an application for mobile devices, it has some very remarkable features both in terms of usability and security when handling the application and securely storing our TRX.

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is another recommended application for storing TRX. It is a desktop application that gives users full control of all their crypto coins, because private keys are not stored on the supplier’s server, but on the users’ PCs.

It is compatible with most of the operating systems that exist today and is capable of supporting more than 300 different crypto currencies. The application is free, but it has also some payment services.

  • Type of wallet: Software
  • Security: Safe
  • Difficulty of use: Medium

Atomic wallet is a digital currency wallet, developed through the fusion of smart integrations with the latest blockchain innovations. This has resulted in a very solid on-demand service, which helps users to reduce effort in managing crypto assets.

Atomic Wallet highlights

We are looking at a universal multi-currency wallet with which you can manage all your digital coins. But it is not only a wallet to use, it also has an exchange service thanks to which you can exchange your coins safely. Below we will explain the main features of the Atomic Wallet.

  • Multi-currency: The Atomic Wallet is a multi-currency wallet in which you can store a large number of different currencies at the same time. It falls into the category of cold wallets, as all currencies are stored inside your device. Currently, it supports well-known currencies such as Tron/TRX, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and more than 300 tokens within the same interface.
  • Very intuitive and secure: Atomic Wallet’s high standards of encryption are a mainstay to have one of the best security when storing our cryptographic assets. It has a graphic interface highly recommended for its simplicity and ease of use.
  • Atomic Swaps: Atomic Swaps are one of the fundamental characteristics of this wallet. It is the exchange of currencies through a secure system in which the risk of third parties is totally avoided. The advantage of this type of exchange is that they can never fail, since they occur in their entirety or simply do not happen.

Platforms supported by Atomic wallet

Atomic wallet has great support for many operating systems. It is currently available for the most known and used operating systems. These include Linux, Fedora, Debian, Windows and Mac. If you have one of these OSes you do not have to worry as you can use the Atomic Wallet perfectly.


The feature that is ahead in Atomic Wallet is the swap option. Although it is an excellent feature, we think that you need to increase the type of currencies between which you can trade. Currently they offer 3 currencies for the Atomic exchanges, which are the ETH, BTC and QTUM.

We know that they are working on the development of applications for mobile devices, and this will give them a great boost in the use of their application.


Exodus Wallet - best cryptocurrency web wallet

Among the TRON software wallets, Exodus is one of the best known for storing TRXs. Its excellent interface is one of its greatest achievements and supports more than 110 different crypto currencies.

The private keys do not leave the device on which the application is installed and the private keys are controlled solely by the user. The Exodus service includes no interaction with banks and no personal identification.

The service offered by Exodus is free of charge and transaction fees are only paid to the miners. These fees are determined through the BTC fee service.

  • Type of wallet: Software
  • Security: Safe
  • Difficulty of use: Medium-low

The Exodus wallet is a software wallet created relatively recently. It has been designed to be an easy to use crypto wallet. It is multi-currency, so a large number of different currencies can be stored, including a large number of ERC20 tokens that are theoretically not compatible with Exodus.

The creators of the Exodus Wallet wanted to create a user-friendly wallet based on simplicity so that a basic user could perform all operations without complications.

What security does Exodus offer?

Exodus mobile wallet 03 - best crypto wallets 2020Exodus takes the security of its wallet very seriously so that its users can use it with complete peace of mind. This wallet is therefore ready for daily and continuous use. As it is an online wallet, it cannot be as secure as keeping your currency in cold storage.

At the same time, we can see that it lacks certain security features that other wallets have, but that does not mean we should rule out Exodus. The main feature that makes Exodus Wallet safe is the following is the Backup option.

If for any reason the PC on which you have the Exodus wallet installed is damaged or lost, you still have a chance of recovering your cryptos. Exodus provides two ways for recovering and restoring our wallets.

The first way is to use a password consisting of a 12-word phrase. We receive this phrase the first time we set up Exodus. The second way to restore our Exodus wallet is to restore it via our e-mail.

Saving these words in a safe place is the best option in case you need to retrieve your wallet tomorrow.

Special features of Exodus Wallet

The Exodus wallet has the premise of offering simplicity to users so that they feel comfortable using the application. But it has other interesting features that we will explain below:

  • Commerce: Exodus incorporates a commercial function that is very much appreciated by many users. It is an exchange platform. With this platform we can make currency exchanges easily and quickly.
  • Design: Exodus’ interface is extremely simple and clean. The creators of Exodus Wallet have made an effort to develop software that is simple and easy to use. This is all included in the complete view of the wallet, the functions for receiving and sending assets, the trading section and the various security options.
  • Customer service: This aspect is surely one of the most demanded by users in most of their wallets. Many wallets cannot offer good customer service as they are free. In the case of Exodus, by charging a fee for each transaction, they can offer a customer service that is unusual for this type of application.


Tronlink is a wallet created by the TRON community and was launched in February 2019. It was the first official TRON wallet supported by the Tron Foundation. The creator of Tron, Justin Sun, promoted it on the official website. Tronlink is available in an extension for Google Chrome, as well as for Android and IOS.

Initially, Tronlink was created mainly for the Asian market, although we can see the account balance in other types of currencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, British pound, US dollar and Euro. The languages included in its interface are English, Japanese and Chinese.

TRON Link - browser wallet

One of the great advantages of the Tronlink wallet is the compatibility with all tokens based on Tron TRC20. Being a wallet exclusively for the Tron currency, it offers features not usually offered by multi-currency wallets.

This factor is essential for TRX enthusiasts, and an important factor in choosing this TRON wallet.

Interesting features of Tronlink

It is important to know that Tronlink does not collect user data. We have the possibility to create a recovery phrase for our password, this way we can recover a backup in case our mobile phone or smartphone is damaged.

The private keys of this wallet are stored locally on our phone so that only we can access them. Other interesting functions are these:

  • Select a node or associate our own nodes.
  • Integrated decentralized exchange.
  • Change of account between multiple users.
  • Ability to make exchanges of some rewards to be able to vote in the wallet.
  • dApp browser.

Tronlink’s compatible and accepted crypto currency is TRON along with all its Tron based tokens TRC10 and TRC20.


math wallet - best crypto walletsMathWallet is a universal crypto wallet that has compatibility with different platforms so that we can choose the one that best suits our needs:

  • Hardware
  • Desktop Application
  • Mobile application
  • Browser extension

Currently, MathWallet allows for the storage of a large number of crypto currencies, including TRON, BTC, EOS, NEO/NEP5, Cosmos, Polkador, VeChain, ENU/EOSC/Telos/BOS, BinanceChain, ONT/ONG, and ETH/ERC20. The MathWallet application also has an option to exchange cross-string tokens.

Advantages of MathWallet

This distinctive wallet has some advantages that make it stand out, not because it is the best Crypto and TRON wallet on the market, but because it has characteristics that are unusual nowadays.

  • Ability to provide all developers with great tools to facilitate the creation of exchanges, dApps and games.
  • It has MATH ID Card. It is an identification system that has been implemented in different blockchains.
  • Within the wallet it also has integration with EOS RAMDEX, TronDEX and BinanceDEX.
  • It is possible to withdraw profits and make transactions without verifying our personal documents.
  • Available in various platforms to suit all users. There are different versions of this TRON wallet: mobile application, hardware, browser extension and web wallet.
  • Incorporation of token exchange to be able to make exchanges between tokens of crossed chains.
  • Supports a wide range of different digital currencies: Ethereum, TRON, Cosmos, ChainX, Telos, NEO, Bitcoin, Nebulas, Polkadot and many more.
  • MATH dAppStore is the place to meet absolutely any need in decentralized applications and hosting of dApp users.


As the months go by, MathWallet is becoming a very interesting option that moves away from the typical wallet. Some aspects that may be a disadvantage are the following:

Stability in this type of application is very important, and mobile application updates can compromise that stability. The verification procedure is quite time consuming, but you can withdraw and trade tokens without the verification of your personal documents.

Customer service is perhaps a point of improvement. Although they are improving over time, they still have some way to go. MathWallet is fairly new to the market and they have a new system, so we have to watch it evolve over time.

In general, the use of MathWallet is very stable in the experience of many users. This application has Binance Dex, something to keep in mind if you are interested in this feature.

Conclusion about the best TRON wallet for you

If you are a newcomer into the crypto universe and the blockchain technology it it’s your responsibility to acquire healthy and methodic security practices to ensure the well being of your crypto assets.

That means to be up to date with the latest developments of this evolving new industry. When looking for the best TRON wallet don’t stop learning until you find the best suited for your needs.

Remember you can use the comments box below to ask us anything and we will get back to you ASAP. We, the DIG for IT! developing team, are committed to make our community a safe space for everybody. For extra tips and info join our community telegram group.

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