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FRIDAY news - SCC to the MOON

Almighty Diggers,

oh yeah it’s Friday again and here we go with our weekly dose of fresh news and developments for DIG for IT!

This week we got SCC listed on coinmarketcap.com, and yes the tittle of this Friday News has a little bit of clickbait in it but hey we were so excited to get our token listed we let the marketing guy decide the tittle…

We keep working to increase profitability for the holders and each week we have more companies pitching on us with ideas and ways to develop our project (most of them are spammy and some nasty scammers are around the corner as well). You can be sure we are calculating each step and analyzing all the options, and that’s not an easy task but we totally love it.

New Game progress

This week we run into some issues with the server configuration but Ángel got them solved already and we keep implementing the new mechanics and gameplay options. We are focusing on user experience and of course our goal is to deliver a fully balanced game. This is taking many meetings at DFI virtual headquarters and more than one heated discussion but we are confident the project is heading into the right direction.

We have already implemented a new betting system, it has a graphic interface that allows you to pick the amount you want to bet in each play. We believe this makes things easier for the player and you can use it combined with our new AutoBet system for a fully automated experience.

FRIDAY news - new betting system

This week our musician sent us some tracks he is composing for the New Game and we already chose the main theme. He has to polish and remaster the whole track and this week it will be 100% finished and ready for implementation. You will love it for sure (at least during the first 100 hours).

The Art department sent us some detailed screens of the “Mistery Door” and we want to congratulate them for the terrific job they are making. Our goal is to reach the highest quality standard in 3d crypto games and they are sure up to the task.

FRIDAY news - mistery door

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