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FRIDAY news - buyback is here

Comeback Diggers,

first of all we would like to sincerely appologise for the lack of news during the last month.

For a key member of the team the last month was really weird because he got a relative Covid positive and he had to learn really fast how to take care of sheep, chicken and more livestock.

Some other members had to take care of important profesional endeavours and their time was limited.

All in all development rate was reduced a lot as you can imagine and we didn’t have news to share with you guys… just boring maintenance routines.

Until today.

Today we can officially announce that our own dividend token (SCD) has its own smart contract and it is listed in Tronscan:


Mining for the token will begin from 0 as many of you have requested.

New Div Token - 512x512

Buyback machine

As we promised from now on our buyback will be fully automated.

This new feature will be carrying slow and steady buys of our token and it has a balance of 400k TRX to perform those buys and increase profitability for the holders.

As you can see, we slowed down a bit last month but we are greasing the machine to make a full comeback ASAP.

We couldn’t end this post without sincerely thank you guys for your support even in darker times. And of course we would like to apologise again for this weird radio silence.

Love you Diggers! Stay safe and healthy!

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